The Danish Government has Decided to Fund Municipalities Wishing to Establish Cities of Refuge

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 The Danish Government and the Danish People's Party have agreed to grant 1.2 million Danish kroner (160.000 euro) to municipalities that wish to establish cities of refuge in Denmark. "ICORN are very happy about the breakthrough that these news represent. We are also impressed with the efforts made by Danish PEN and the first Danish member cities Århus, Fredriksberg, and Odense to make this happen, and are looking forward to our further cooperation with these and other Danish cities," says Director of the ICORN Administration Centre, Helge Lunde.


Carina Christensen, Danish Minister of Culture, says in a statement: "We have now agreed that the cities of refuge need a push from the state in order to properly get started. Therefore, we have established this starter fund for the municipalities. I hope they will take this opportunity to gain some experiences with the cities of refuge system, so that Denmark can support the important cause that the cities of refuge represents - freedom of expression for persecuted writers. It would be wonderful if we, by finally establishing cities of refuge in Denmark, could signal that we fully support writers' freedom of expression and that we are doing something to secure it."


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