Three Danish Cities and one Island of Refuge Ready for ICORN

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Monday 1 March the Danish Ministry of Culture released the news that three cities and one island (!) of refuge will receive funds through the Danish Arts Council, enabling them to start the procedures of inviting their upcoming ICORN guest writer imminently. The municipalities of Århus, Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) and Odense have already become ICORN members, while the island Fanø is expected to sign the ICORN agreement soon, to become the world's first ICORN "island of refuge".










Per Stig Møller, the Danish Minister for Culture.



The Government of Denmark has been preparing the establishment of cities of refuge through implementing the necessary adjustment of the Danish judicial system to the ICORN charter. The newly appointed minister of Culture, Per Stig Møller, states: "It is great that the municipalities now take action to offer persecuted writers a safe haven, (...) through which they all offer an invaluable contribution to securing freedom of expression."  


"These are fantastic news indeed", says Helge Lunde, ICORN Executive Director. "Ministries, municipalities and civil society organisations have been working for years to make Denmark an ICORN stronghold, and now we are looking forward to see it all come through."  



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