Your city - a city of refuge?  
ICORN is a membership organisation that assists members offering persecuted writers a safe place to stay and work for an agreed period.

Any city can become an ICORN member. The ICORN member cities provide protection for persecuted writers, inviting, hosting and integrating them with their local communities. The ICORN member cities and their guest writers connect in a global network of solidarity, creativity and mutual interaction. 


The membership agreement
In signing the membership agreement with ICORN, the City of Refuge agrees to:

* Arrange for the relocation and reception of the Guest Writer to the city.

* Provide the writer and his/her family with an appropriate dwelling.

*  Provide the writer with an appropriate scholarship/grant for his/her period of stay.

* Help the writer to integrate with the local community, both socially and artistically.

* Appoint a City of Refuge coordinator to support the writer in legal and practical matters.

For more information on membership and the cooperation between ICORN and the member city, please see the Membership Agreement. 

The ICORN Membership Agreement