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Most of our guest writers are available for readings at festivals and other occasions. Please contact the ICORN Administration Centre for more information.

Featured Writer: Philo Ikonya

09 September 2010

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Philo Ikonya, this fall's featured writer, is a Kenyan writer, journalist and human rights activist, and currently Oslo City of Refuge's Guest Writer. Africa and Kenya within the context of power, women, freedom of expression and other rights concern Ikonya greatly. Her forthcoming novels "Kenya, Will You Marry Me?" and "Leading the Night" express these themes, as does her anthology of poems in English and German "Out of Prison: Love Songs". Philo Ikonya recently released "This Bread of Peace", a book of poetry published by Lapwing, in Ireland, and we are happy to present our readers with this portrait interview.

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Featured Writer: Mansur Rajih

08 August 2010

 Poet Mansur Rajih was the first ICORN Guest Writer in Stavanger City of Refuge, where he arrived in 1998 after spending 15 years in prison in Yemen. This year, the Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of International PEN, an important ICORN ally, celebrates 50 years of defending freedom of expression around the world with a year-long campaign - Because Writers Speak their Minds. As part of this campaign, the Committee looks back on 50 emblematic cases illustrating where and how and why they have worked. One case on this list is the case of Mansur Rajih, this summer's featured writer, and we are happy to present an interview and a collection of his poetry here at icorn.org.


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Featured Writer: Dejan Anastasijevic

03 March 2010















Serbian Dejan Anastasijevic is the ICORN Guest Writer in Brussels. He is an investigative journalist and writer, and has freelanced for Time Magazine and The Guardian among others. Anastasijevic is the Featured Writer this spring, presented with an interview here at icorn.org. At the same time Shahrazad - stories for life presents some of his writing.

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