The International Cities of Refuge Network is an association of cities and regions around the world dedicated to the value of Freedom of Expression.


Writers ICORN Cities offer persecuted writers a safe haven where they can live and work without fear of being censored or silenced.


ICORN Writers4.jpgICORN supports the artistic endeavours of its guest writers and promotes new spaces for intercultural dialogues worldwide.

Reflection on UPR of Ethiopian Human Rights Records

08 August 2014 Saved to Network News

Uten_navn1.jpgMolde guest writer Hika Fekede Dugassa reports from May 6th 2014 UPR of Ethiopian Human Rights Record.

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New ICORN Guest Writer in Krakow

07 July 2014 Saved to Network News

Belarussian author, translator and human rights activist Lawon Barszczewski is new ICORN guest writer in Krakow City of Refuge.

Krakow City of Refuge has welcomed Lawon Barszczewski, a renowned author, poet, philologist, translator, politician and human rights activist from Belarus, as its new guest writer.

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Is it illegal to be a city of refuge?

07 July 2014 Saved to Network News

The Swedish regional court of Falun has ruled that ICORN membership is a "foreign policy matter"

ICORN opposes ruling by the regional Swedish Court of Falun that declares the City of Gävle’s decision to join ICORN unlawful.

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