My Dictator and I

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 ICORN writers Chenjerai Hove (Zimbabwe), Philo Ikonya (Kenya) and Sihem Bensedrine (Tunisia discuss literature, censorship and freedom of expression at Gothenburg Book Fair in September.


Chenjerai Hove has lived with and related to "his" dictator since Robert Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe in 1980. Hove was forced to flee his homeland in 2001, and is now writing an autobiographical account of his complex relationship to Mugabe from his exile in Miami. Distinguished writers Philo Ikonya and Sihem Bensedrine have also recently had to leave their native countries, currently residing in ICORN safe havens in Oslo and Barcelona. What makes writers targets of censorship and persecution in today's Africa, and how can writers counter oppressive regimes, from inside or from positions of exile? The panel is joined by prolific South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro ("Zapiro"), who has recently been sued by president Jacob Zuma on charges of defamation, on grounds of a drawing made by Zapiro in 2008.


The Gothenburg Book Fair takes place on September 23-26, and this particular event will be on September 24, at 12.00. It will be chaired by Stefan Helgesson (Sweden), and is organised by ICORN and Shahrazad - stories for life .


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