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Christopher Kelen after Two Chinese Writers


Kit Kelen

Christopher (Kit) Kelen is a well-known Australian poet/artist whose literary works have been widely published and broadcast since the mid seventies. Kelen is an Associate Professor at the University of Macau in south China, where he has taught Literature and Creative Writing for the last seven years. The most recent of Kelen's eight volumes of poetry Spring Wind Brings the Fireworks- translations, variations and responses to the poetry of Xin Qiji was published by VAC in Chicago earlier this year. A volume of Macao poems Dredging the Delta is forthcoming from Cinnamon Press in the U.K. Kelen is the principal investigator in the University of Macau's ‘Poems and Stories of Macao Research Project' and the editor of the on-line journal Writing Macao: creative text and teaching.


swallows have carried Spring off in their beaks

after Su Xiaoxiao


in the mirror
and out

left and right
grey hairs

vast new
autumn sky

how casually we read by
the ancient massacres

the grass grows over everything
green grass is good for our horses

we turn their heads
for the Yellow Springs now

but this is where we were
all the while

dead for a long time
it's been already

and still
life is




alleys lead off into the hills

after Wang Wei


the wind
trees dreaming
in a field of flutes


drums sound
the heavens below
alleys lead off into the hills


fire on the shore
by the lonely boat anchored


a sudden moon
wakes sleep
from complacency


who needs to be a prince of the blood
in hills as happy as these


© 2007 Christopher (Kit) Kelen

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