ICORN Cities

Our List of Member-Cities is Continually Growing. . .

The following cities are either hosting a writer now, or have committed to receiving a writer within the next year:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Barcelona, Spain

Bergen, Norway 

Brussels, Belgium

, Norway

Chiusi and the Region of Toscana, Italy 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Drøbak, Norway 

Fanø, Denmark 

Frankfurt, Germany 

Girona, Spain

Gothenburg, Sweden

Hannover, Germany

Haugesund, Norway

Jönköping, Sweden 

Krakow, Poland

Kristiansand, Norway

Lillehammer, Norway

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Malmö, Sweden 

Mexico City, Mexico 

Miami, USA 

Molde, Norway 

Norwich, United Kingdom

Odense, Denmark 

Oslo, Norway

Palma de Mallorca, Spain 

Paris, France

Potenza, Italy

Reykjavik , Iceland

Sigtuna , Sweden

Skien, Norway

Skellefteå, Sweden 

Skåne, Sweden

Stavanger, Norway 

Stockholm , Sweden 

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Tromsø, Norway 

Trondheim, Norway 

Tuscany, Italy

Uppsala, Sweden 

 Växjö, Sweden

Århus, Denmark